Flite "Chaos" C-85 Pro - Senior Skate

Flite "Chaos" C-85 Pro - Senior Skate
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Features include:

  • Patented “First Fit” technology system
  • Wickaway nylon outer shell
  • Thermoformable fibreglass adhesives that will mold the boot to the shape of the foot and will redefine a custom fit.
  • Hydrophobic liner
  • Patent pending Dura-Lite ankle support system (D.A.S.S.)
  • Memory foam in the ankle area designed to put downward pressure on the foot creating ankle lock
  • Metatarsal protection in tongue
  • Ultra-feet footbeds with Stay Dry technology
  • Skate sizes up to size 16


Available Options:

The Flite Chaos C – 85 Pro hockey skate is one the lightest skates in the game.  A Wickaway nylon outer shell is used to maintain “out of box” weight throughout the game. We are the first company in our industry to use the “First-Fit" Technology system. This system has an inner layer of memory foam encompassing the ankle area , heel pads and the forefoot. As well the boot is equipped with an Eyelet ankle closure. This Combined with the “First Fit” technology and the Moose suede Hydrophobic liner, allows the boot to expand and contract with the players foot while the outer shell will remain completely solid, achieving a custom fit skate.

Flite Hockey takes foot protection seriously in its skate design.  A metatarsal protection cover is inserted in the tongue of the boot, when the boot is laced the metatarsal acts like a protective dome over the player’s foot. This transfers energy from impact across the tongue of the skate providing maximum protection from foot injury. 


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