Shipping & Returns

At Flite Hockey Inc. we strive to satisfy every customer to the best of our ability, and one of the main ways we can do that is to ensure that each and every order is processed quickly, completely and error free.

Our online inventory system is updated daily, but as with all inventory systems errors in data entry can occur. If for any reason we are unable to fill your order as it was placed we will contact you before we process the order. It is important to give us contact information for where you will be available in case this issue arises.

Orders placed online are processed either the same day or the next day excluding Saturday’s, Sunday’s and holidays. We must have our packages to the post office before 4:00 so any orders not able to be processed before 2:00 will usually ship the following day.

We ship via Canada Post Expedited Parcel. This is a fast way to ship while keeping the cost of shipping to a minimum, and gives you the ability to track the package while in transit. It is very important when entering your shipping address that you choose a location that someone will be able to receive your package. If no one is available then a pickup notice will be left telling you where you can pick up at your local postal outlet. It is your responsibility to pick up your package if this occurs - any items returned to us for non-delivery will not be refunded.

Canada Post is our Courier of choice however if you wish to have you package shipped by another carrier, please specify.

Our shipping rates are based on North American wide flat rates designated for each product category.  For more information on specific rates contact Flite Hockey Inc.

We will try and pack your items into as small of a package as we can. This means we may fold larger items or adjust the packaging to fit. If this is the case we will take great care to ensure your items are not damaged and will arrive to you in good condition.

If damage occurs during shipping it is important for you to let us know as soon as possible. Depending on the damage we may need you to keep or photograph the packaging for us to submit to the insurance company.

While Canada Post gives an estimate on shipping time there are no guarantees that your package will arrive on any specific date. Always place your orders in advance to ensure enough time for it to arrive for your party.

If you have questions on our Shipping Policy please contact us.