About Us

FLITE Hockey - founded in 1993 by founder and president, Gerry McSorley. Unhappy with the quality and prices of hockey skates available to Canadian hockey players; Gerry embarked on an adventure to the Czech Republic where the majority of brand marketers were manufacturing skates. After gaining a firsthand look of the manufacturing process and facilities, he approached an independent factory to make a prototype based on his design. On the flight back to Toronto, contemplating his passion for hockey that sparked the adventure, pencil sketches from the hotel room, and a lifelong fascination with airplanes – the name was inspired - Flite Hockey.

The hockey skate designed on that trip eventually became the Flite 9000, the first product ever available from the company. Twelve pairs were produced and distributed to several hockey players (including a few you may have heard of!), in order to get some critical input about the design. After receiving positive feedback, he made the decision to leave his current job - and Flite Hockey was born.

Since that momentous trip in 1993, Flite has enjoyed tremendous growth. They now offer a complete line of hockey skates, goalie equipment, hockey gloves, pants, one-piece composite and wood sticks, in-line skates, other hockey accessories and custom gear for entire hockey teams, leagues and associations. Growing at an incredible rate each year, more and more players from tyke to the pros are experiencing the Flite Hockey advantage.

Growing up in a family with six brothers and three sisters, Gerry understands the economics of hockey. It’s an expensive game. That’s why Flite is committed to offering the best products at the best prices without compromising durability or protection. “Flite does not pay NHL players to wear our skates or products but many still do. That says a lot about Flite equipment. What you see on the shelves is what the players are wearing.”

Try on a pair of skates or gloves (or anything else), and you’ll discover that Flite products speak for themselves. They are designed and manufactured to perform better than anything available from the competition.
Here’s how we do it:

The money saved on high priced endorsements goes where it belongs – back into the products and the customer’s pocket. Perhaps even more comforting to the hockey community, is that Flite Hockey’s research and development is not conducted by accountants in a boardroom trying to maximize profit - but on ice surface across Canada and around the world - where the game is played!